Voltar a PROGRAM

Congress Sessions

VII RIDITA – Air Transportation Sustainability Congress topics on are as follow:

A.Technological Strategies

A1 Air Transport and Airports

A2 Air Traffic Management

A3 Aircraft

A4 Other

B. Operational Strategies

B1 Airports


B3 Aircraft

B4 Air Transport System Analysis

B5 Other

C. Economic Strategies

C1 Economic Evaluation

C2 Economic Regulation

C3 Planning and Policy

C4 Decision-making Processes

C5 Air Transport Pricing

C6 Other

D. Social and Environmental Strategies

D1 Air Transport Sustainable Development

D2 Air Transport Carbon Footprint Reduction

D3 Air Transport Externalities

D4 Health Impacts of Air Transport

D5 Cultural and Social Issues

D6 Other